• 9th April 2016 at 1:21 pm

    Please sombody help me.
    I will start at the begining so you can get an idea of the situation.
    I was with my partner for 7 years and in that time we lived together, we loved eachother and we had a baby together.
    This whole time I was fighting with a mental health issue and I wasn’t a very easy/comfortable person to live with at times.
    Towards the end of the relationship I started to deteriorate in myself and get a lot worse.
    Unfortunately In the last year or so i ended up assulting my partner more than once, shes not only the girl I love but she was also my best friend.
    So anyways it ended up with her having a restraining order put on me and obviously we are now separated which is very understandable and I am proud of her for doing the right thing.
    I have been seeking professional help in the form of psychiatrists and councillors and have been having regular visits to a local mental hospital for assessments etc and taking medication.
    I am trying my best to sort my problem out once and for all.
    But this isn’t my concern.
    My concern is the guy that she is now seeing.
    Unlike my ex i have known him for many years and all the time I have known him he has been in and out of prison for many reasons.
    He is a violent thug with a history of assulting pensioners and also his partners and anybody smaller than him that won’t fight back (including me many years ago, but that’s another story)
    He also has a history of drug use, not sure it would be official as in on his records tho.
    But on top of this he isn’t allowed to see his own child (because of his violent ways I assume)
    He’s still an agressive character, I know this due to his recent agressive messages to me on social media and he has also not long been out from his latest stint in prison which I believe to be because of a whole heap of trouble including assulting his baby’s mother.
    My concern is my daughter!
    She is 3 years old and around this guy and I do and always will still love my ex partner so I am concerned for her also.
    Shes clearly not thinking straight during these times and if im honest this guy isn’t a bad looking chap (I can say that in a non gay way) and he can be quite charming to the ladys so she could easily be fooled or misled if that’s the correct words to use.
    So i suppose my question is if I was to tell social services my concerns what would they do?
    Would they do anything at all?
    Would they speek to her?
    What would the process be if any?
    I don’t want anything bad to happen that would mess my daughters head up anymore, she has already lost her daddy (me obviously) who she loves very much.
    We was very much a family family.
    It was alway mummy, daddy and daughter in everything we did.
    I don’t want to look like I’m just trying to stop my ex from seeing anybody because as much as it hurts me not being with her I know that if she doesn’t want me than I have to let it be. But I would feel so much safer knowing that she was with a decent bloke that could look after her properly and also keep my daughter safe whilst I’m not around.
    I am genuinely concerned for them both.
    I have know idea how the hell she ended up with this guy as she is not that kind of person and her friend circle are nothing like the horible nasty idiot in question.
    It’s a very unfortunate situation that their paths have crossed in this way and I am very aware of the possible outcome of it all as I have seen it with my own eyes for all these years of knowing him.
    I am literally loosing sleep over this! And it’s driving me nuts.
    I can’t even speek to her about it myself or even through a third party due to my restraining order conditions. And even if I did im worried that I will just look like I am being jelous or controlling in some way. After all I did hurt her and I am literally seen as the enemy but what she doesn’t realise is that I probably love her more than anybody on this earth ever will.
    Sombody please give me an answer if you know about or have been in a similar situation.
    Thanks in advance.