• 14th July 2017 at 6:43 am

    Winstanley Racing

    If he is used to running higher claiming and dropped down today this is a horse to watch. This information is crucial when handicapping horses because trainers are constantly moving up and down in classes and even though it does not seem like much of a difference between Claiming 7500 and Claiming 5,000 its definitely something to be taking into account for.

    This year I have found that at Gulfstream track the horses that were winning the race all had something in common. They were being maneuvered and dropped in class. Winstanley Racing Review I shifted my betting strategy for the rest of the day to eliminate all horses that did not drop in class and came out with a couple monster tickets. This is some basic information for a beginner, professional handicappers look at this information daily as part of their routine.

    Its also important to not just refer to the last race but look at the entire race history of the horse. Has the horse always raced at a higher class? Has the horse showed it can compete at the current class that its racing in? How many horses or what horses are taking a significant drop in class? These are some general starting questions to ask yourself. Class is and will always be a huge factor in horse racing.