• 7th January 2018 at 6:49 am

    This is a perfect time to place a blocking bet. In this Lottery Dominator Review case, your blocking bet will actually accomplish two objectives at once: it will prevent your opponent from making a big bluff and it will occasionally get value from weaker hands.By placing a bet that’s about one quarter to one half the size of the pot, you will (hopefully) prevent your opponent from making any buffs. At the same time, your bet is small enough that it just might entice your opponent to make a crying call with a weaker hand.But won’t they know it’s a blocking bet and raise it?It’s possible but not very likely. If you make the occasional small value bet on the river with strong hands, your opponents won’t be able to distinguish the difference between value bets and blocking bets.



    After playing hundreds of poker tournaments, there is one skill which will guarantee you are a winning tournament poker player. You probably have heard of this skill and you may think you understand what it means, but unless you have a WSOP bracelet or experience outstanding tournament success, you don’t.Let me explain what playing the players really means. Players in tournaments have habits they tend to display. These habits give you a strong clue on what they are thinking and how they are feeling about the strength of their hand. The most notable consistency in players are their betting patterns.