• 5th February 2018 at 10:54 am

    Example, this author works for a company Einstein Success Code Reviewthat services the water damage restoration industry, and last year was assigned the task of writing a book that would serve as a one stop shop for all things related to water damage, repair and restoration. Now such an assignment wasn’t exactly WAR & PEACE, and I knew it would never put me on the bestseller lists, but hey, I’m a writer and I was being paid to spend my workdays writing a book that would be aggressively pushed and marketed. Seen in that light, it was easy to get enthused over the project.Your boss can tell when a project has been executed with enthusiasm and passion, and when it was simply phoned in. Always put your best foot forward.


    Another guaranteed way to annoy your boss is asking him to make your job easier. True, in your mind you may be seeking more efficient ways of doing things, but it all comes down to approach. It’s not the boss’ place to make your job easier; you’re there to get a job done and sometimes it’s just difficult to do. However, if there are perks you want, such as the ability to telecommute, or perhaps an increase in your budget to hire an assistant, or whatever, go into it by asking your boss what YOU can do to make these things happen. Suddenly you don’t look like an ungrateful whiner, but rather a valuable employee who is seeking to contribute something of worth with a specific goal in mind. Very impressive.