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    The Paleo DietThe results that your body Meridian Health Protocol Review receives will be directly associated with the relationship between your daily “Calories in”, and your daily “Calories out”. Whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain your current status, or build muscle, let’s take a look at what will happen if the following scenarios occur in your life daily.


    My name is Pierce Calloway, and I’m a personal trainer at the ymca in Albany, OR. My main goal in life and in fitness is to show the love of Jesus Christ. All the articles you see written by me, are the thoughts and feelings that I believe God is wanting me to share with people about their personal fitness journeys. Fitness doesn’t need to be a difficult task, but our fitness results are always in direct correlation with the effort and discipline we put towards obtaining our goals. Like anything in life, fitness needs consistency, and the personal intent to workout with the intensity that are bodies were meant to achieve. We all know right from wrong when it comes to our diets and overall nutrition, but we really don’t see the need to deny ourselves of certain foods in life, that really weren’t meant to be consumed at high quantity.