• 17th July 2017 at 6:58 am

    Running Beyond Baby

    When a soap manufacturer makes claims about their soap other than it will get you clean, there are more rules for them. If a soap manufacturer claims their soap will relieve your stress or cure your acne, then, they have to provide an ingredient list. Feeling safe? Don’t! Most consumers think they know that the ingredient label is in the order of the quantities of ingredients starting at the most by volume and ending with the smallest ingredient by volume. Sounds like a good plan.

    What you may not know is that after the 2% level ingredients can be listed in any order that the manufacturer chooses. There is no requirement that compels the manufacturer to reveal where the 2% level begins and they don’t. Running Beyond Baby review (Honestly, my company doesn’t either but that is because it is hard for me to fit all of the great stuff that’s in my soap on there sometimes. But, that’s different because we are not gonna short you on the goodies.) That means that if there are 10 ingredients on the list and 7 of them are less than 2%, that fourth ingredient is looking very plentiful when it is actually quite sparse.

    Did you know that most of what consumers think of as soap, isn’t? Your big recognizable names like Dial, Lever 2000, Dove, and Irish Spring aren’t soap at all. They are detergent. You know, the stuff you wash your dishes and your clothes with. That is why their labels don’t say soap anywhere on them. They are bath bars, beauty bars and just plain bars.