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    What are the most common low milk Erección Total PDF supply causes? The production of breast milk is dependent on hormones such as prolactin, and also good physical and mental welfare of the mother. Infrequent or short periods of feeding may be a contributing factor to a reduced supply of breast milk. Breast inflammation or pain, breast engorgement, unwillingness to feed, stress or fatigue and/ or post partum depression may also be causes of decreased breast milk supply. Breast milk supply can also be determined by feeding demand of the baby or latching techniques by the baby.Other causes of insufficient breast milk supply may be due to


    Hormonal disorders- An imbalance can cause a low production. Receptors and pathways for the hormones insulin, thyroid, progesterone, estrogens, testosterone, prolactin and fasting glucose, must be intact to facilitate proper functioning of the hormones needed in providing milk.