• 12th January 2018 at 5:27 am


    How to lose stomach fat for women – Use interval training


    Most women use the same 10 Minute Fat Loss Review  training and dieting methods for a very long time, because they believe or they are told that they work. Doing hours and hours of boring low-intensity cardio, just isn’t enough to lose those last 20-25 pounds that could really make a difference.


    It is very easy to lose weight in the beginning, but eventually nearly everyone hits a plateau. When you do hit a plateau, then it is a sign that you must change some thing. The science show clearly that interval training is more efficient than low-intensity cardio. Low-intensity cardio can and does work very well in the beginning, but as you get leaner and leaner, your body needs more, to lose fat. Interval training is great because it also increases your metabolic rate, so you will be benefiting from your training, long after you have stopped exercising. If you are struggling to lose stomach fat, then try interval training next time, it might be the solution.