• 11th November 2017 at 10:14 am

    Rent Panels. When you buy  Smart Energy Box solar energy panels you actually pay a fixed rate from the electricity it generates. Provided that financing solar energy system won’t suit you, rentable solar energy panels are not for you. Grab government rebates. There are government programs that cut 70% of the total cost. These programs are designed to boosts business to produce their very own solar electricity.In this article I will provide you the latest cutting edge technological innovation to solar panels. These are flexible solar panels.What is the advantage in having flexible solar energy panels? Throughout history inelastic or rigid versions of solar panels have been the only available version of this ingenious technology. Although rigid versions work perfectly as they are designed to. But the demand for flexibility to fit application requirement seems to be a problem until this time. That is with the advent of flexible panels for domestic and commercial purposes.Flexible solar energy panel versions find its use when you are in need of flexibility. Just like having to put it in a car to power it up. As we know car designs cannot compromise its aerodynamics features. But with these panels it would never be a matter of concern among car designers anymore.More than that, houses or farms located in far-flung places may find flexible solar energy panels much more convenient to use than the rigid versions. And when it comes to weight considerations, they are much lighter than the conventional rigid versions.