• 7th January 2018 at 5:39 am


    The Scientists identified three groups Unlock Your Hip Flexors and named them pretty much after each ones relationship with food. Myself? I am a Constant Craver, so named because of the genes that make the sufferer feel hungry all of the time. The Feasters have a misfiring gut hormone that massively reduces their ability to know when they are full and finally the Emotional Eaters eat as a reaction to stressful situations and experiences.


    To identify each subject various clinical tests were undertaken at the very beginning to see who would be in each group. After which some pretty ingenious experiments were performed to confirm the scientist’s results.


    The Feasters were confirmed at a meal where Sushi was served on a revolving belt that was continually being restocked. Waiting staff cleared the plates from the eaters and literally stacked them in front of a picture of the same eater. At the end of the meal, after counting up the plates, it was pretty easy to see which ones had eaten the most. In some cases the feasters ate over twice as much as subjects from a different group.


    The Emotional Eaters were put on a driving test that raised their stress levels to such a significant high, that when it was all over and they were offered food, they indulged far more than other subjects who were not affected by same stress levels.