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    The Profit Kings Review a very pretty picture, especially since I teach people how to handicap horse races, but that is the truth. On the other hand, being able to handicap a horse race and walk away at the end of the day feeling you have accomplished something that few people can do, is a wonderful feeling.So how do you become one of the few people who can become a money making horse racing handicapper without destroying yourself in the process? The key is that before you go into battle, you must prepare yourself, both physically and mentally and most especially, emotionally. Horse racing Handicapping is an intellectual sport. As in any sport, mental toughness is a key to success and a long careerOne of the ways to develop the right attitude to be able to compete day after day and year after year is to keep things in perspective. While you may love the challenge of handicapping horse races and live for the times you spend watching races, you have to keep it all in perspective as just a part of your life and realize it is not you, it is something you do. When people get too caught up in any form of gambling they have a tendency to lose their perspective.