• 13th February 2018 at 6:57 am

    Are you hypertensive and recently started to notice Blood Balance Formula Review that you can no longer achieve or maintain erection as you use to? You need to know that there are reasons why you are having such problems; the first being that your condition has brought some structural changes to your system including your sexual organs.

    For you to be able to acquire and maintain a strong and perfect erection there ought to be adequate blood flow to your sexual organs through the arteries supplying those organs. Unfortunately with hypertension blood flow to the penile vessels is considerably reduced and as such the pressure needed to produce erection is poor. Don’t forget that hypertension either on its own brings about organic dysfunction of some of your body organs or it is in itself a product of other disease conditions like diabetes mellitus which has arteriosclerosis as one of its major complications. When hypertension accompanies diabetes, it is almost certain that erectile dysfunction would soon follow.