• 13th October 2017 at 10:25 am

    I am just about to embark upon my 3rd and final court hearing, in order to bring about the end of a lengthy and difficult divorce.

    In brief, Wife and I separated 2 years ago by mutual consent. I moved out of the family home straight away, and have continued to pay the mortgage, all of her  debts, most of her utilities, in addition to a hefty child maintenance payment each month.

    She was unprepared to negotiate with me with regards to a financial settlement, choosing instead to take me straight to court. To say she has been unfair, doesn’t even begin to capture it…..and as soon as she got wind that my life was moving on, she turned all my children against me out of pure spite. This is the tip of the iceberg. She is out to destroy me quite frankly.

    Anyway – the reason for this post, is that as part of the court process, there is certain documentation that is required to be provided and exchanged from both parties. I, have provided all my documentation to her, on time, and as specified by the court. She, however….has not done that. When I have questioned this, she has sent my a number of attachments which may well contain the information I need in terms of her expenditure etc, but will take a huge amount of my man hours to sift through in order to find it. She has clearly done this deliberately to muddy the waters and make things as difficult for me as possible. She has failed to complete the summarisation which details her exact financial situation  and is insisting that if I want this – I have to pay £100+ for it!! I am unprepared to do this. This leaves me very open going into court next week. Whilst, I have notified the court of this – my question is – can I do anything now??!