• 23rd November 2017 at 5:14 am

    Your life is a series of  The Trajectory Manifestation decisions, one after another, and it is the wisdom of your choices that determines the quality of your life. If you are not currently enjoying your life, you can decide right now to look for what it is that you desire and decide to upgrade the way you are approaching things.

    When you can make decisions to remove pain and increase pleasure, then you will have discovered how the power of your decision can shape your destiny.

    I’ve got some bad news for you; you won’t get the opportunity to read this incredible book entitled The Stevedore in the White Fedora. This novel, filled to the brim with stirring passages, was going to captivate your imagination and take you on a breathtaking adventure to some of the most infamous ports of the world. Replete with intrigue, passion, action, suspense, drama, and hot romance, this book was assuredly going to reach the top of the best-sellers list. And the ensuing movie based on that captivating story was going to rivet you to your seat to the point you would forget all about your popcorn and cola.

    The only problem is … the book has not been written yet. And it never will be. That’s because Isaac Will, who had the whole splendid script in his head and who kept promising himself he was going to take time off to write it someday, died of a heart attack four days ago. Mr. I. Will’s funeral will take place at 3:30 today, in Somerset Cemetery.