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    It would be an understatement Auto Risk Eliminator Review to say that Stephen must have position to properly defend against the c-bet. Though it is important that you defend against c-bets, you will still need to fold to them most of the time. Too many defended c-bets will lead to exploitation by opponents the same way that too few will. My rule is 1 out of 5 times.

    Stephen Krex says you must first put your opponent on a range before you try to defend against his continuation bet. It’s always possible that he hit the flop hard and is making a legitimate bet. So why should you defend against the c-bet? There are two reasons: one, to prevent your opponent from stealing every pot from you. Secondly, you need to disguise your hands so that it isn’t obvious when you do hit the flop. The 1 out of 5 rule will help with this.

    To put your opponent on a range, you need to gather some information on him. Whether you take mental or paper notes or use a program, check out his stats. If he’s a tight player, odds are that he’s got a good hand. Likewise, if he’s a loose player, it is more likely that he’s just making a c-bet. In addition, note his position. A player who raises under the gun or in early position is more likely to have a good hand than one who raises on the button or in the cutoff position.