• 4th January 2018 at 4:14 am


    Check to see what currency pairs they Trend Profiteer Review offer – again, most companies offer most of the most commonly traded pairs but it’s nice to see how ‘established’ they are by seeing if they offer other trades such as gold, S&P, futures etc.Unfortunately, something you can’t check is the kind of service the broker offers. Most will be ‘discount’ brokers, which basically means that they offer no trade advice or general help and if you speak to anybody on the trading floor about your trade, they will be usually be brief and ‘to the point’.Try to find a broker who has downloadable free software that you trade from on your computer. The other way is to trade ‘live’ from a website, but I find this inflexible, especially if you continually need to click between screens as this usually requires the loading of a new webpage and makes everything quite ‘clunky’ even if you have a fast broadband connection.


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