• 19th September 2017 at 9:58 am

    What I am saying is this. “Who gave confidence to the confident? The confident gave confidence to the confident.” In other words you can’t give yourself something unless you own it. Dominador de Loteria Revisión We all are entitled to self confidence but not everyone will own it.

    You become what you think about! Now I went off the rails a few times and allowed hurt and even hatred for my ex wife to dominate my thoughts. Then one day I noticed that everyone was getting on with their lives and I was wallowing in self pity.

    I saw friends and relatives enjoying life without me and realized that it was time for me to get on with the rest of my life. I literally saw my self -confidence like a package on a shelf. It was sitting there all by itself because everyone else had taken their gift. The moment I reached out and took it back I changed inside. I was still broke, my home was gone, my wife in another country, my business was in trouble and I still drove a car that needed six months in the workshop.


    However now I saw the world as a place of new opportunities and that I had been given a chance to make a new life without the misery of a wife that didn’t love me. I became glad that she had found happiness with another man and that I was free of that burden. Divorce can really knock your self confidence but I remarried and lived happily ever after.