• 23rd November 2017 at 5:13 am

    As the fact, the pancreas did not  Diabetic Revelation Review do its job properly, and then the exact answer to the disease is how to cure the pancreas. The cells on the pancreas are failed and cannot produce the right amount of insulin that is needed to process the glucose. Then you have to find a way to cure the pancreas, so you can get rid of diabetes rather than avoid sugar that had no impact on diabeticsAs a diabetic, there is no one who is going take as much interest in your well being and your food intake as you. In fact the sole responsibility is yours for ensuring the foods you eat fit with what is recommended for healthy diabetic foods.With that said, and now that you know there is no one else to blame for your ‘out of control’ blood glucose levels, which foods should you look to avoid at all costs? In saying that, it doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself on rare occasions to the occasional taste of one of these foods, but as part of your staple diabetes diet plan -forget it.When buying foods and relying on the labels, you need to exercise a bit of judgement and some caution. Some foods will be labeled as ‘sugar free’, others as ‘diabetic’ and yet others will say ‘artificially sweetened’, or ‘no added sugar’. So which of these foods (if any) are OK for type 2 diabetics to eat?