• 31st October 2017 at 12:19 pm

    House The land of the country itself Cosmic Compatibility Profile Review, bedrock, small to large parcels and everything in between, everything above and below the land that is related to the land, the buildings and use of the land such as agriculture, all forms of farming, crops and produce, mining, quarries, coal pits, minerals, even oil reserves, public buildings and housing in general, the owners of such land, reserved land for parks and preservation, the roots and physical base to the country. This also is the position for the political party in opposition to the party in power (tenth house), the people as a body as contrasted to the leader or monarch (tenth house), and democracy rather than aristocracy. Look here for “grass roots” movements as well as the third house for the grass roots communication function. Several authorities place weather in the fourth house. Look at the first sentence of this description “everything above and below the land” for the rationale. Weather would be an additional mundane study topic by itself.