• 17th November 2017 at 6:04 am

    The main reason for an increasing  30 Minute Money Methods Reviewpopularity of this marketing model is that it more or less eliminates the need of employing sales people for promotion of the website, thereby effectively reducing the cost of advertisement. Also, since the concept is relatively new, there is a lot of scope of getting a considerable share of the market.The CPA network has basically two key people — the advertiser and the publisher. The CPA network is like a middleman between the two. The CPA model works thus: The publisher promotes product or service offered by the advertiser. For each click on the advertiser’s link, the publisher earns money. The advertiser in turn gets visibility as well as web-traffic which in turn results in sales. However, the publisher gets paid irrespective of whether the advertiser has made a sale.In order to benefit from the innovative and highly profitable network, all that needs to be done is to associate with a web-link by becoming a CPA network affiliate. Following are a few guidelines for enrollment to the network