• 11th November 2017 at 11:28 am

    Take a photograph of your  Science Based Six Pack Review self and display it next to the mirror you are going to acquire, purchase. This will help to keep you focused, after two weeks take another photo and record changes this will inspire you to want more.It is important to know when starting out after stretching and warming up you should use weights that will challenge you. If not, you will fail to progress. That is why I suggested that you start off with at least 200 pounds of weights. This will keep you going for many months.Watching your progress in a mirror is always a great help. This way you will be able to pose and also watch your exercise form. Posing in the mirror not only gives you a visual indication of your progress it also serves to motivate you. When you are pumped you look awesome! With regards to form you might think you are doing an exercise correctly but in reality you could be way off.