NetDads – The social network for Dads

Online parenting communities seem to be overrun with support for Mums and Mums to be. In today’s society, there is an ever increasing population of stay-at-home Dads, influenced by the transition to the ‘modern family.’ The growing need for a dedicated support network for Dads is an obvious reflection of this development.

Having a child can be challenging at times but it is also fun and rewarding. NetDads is a new way for Dads to communicate and share their experiences with other dads through a brand new online community. NetDads is all about making new friends and aims to get Dads talking to each other, as well as helping Dads to understand that they are not alone in the exciting world of fatherhood.

NetDads is based around developing a fatherhood community and below are a list of features to show what NetDads is all about:-

Making Connections

NetDads is all about making new connections with other Dads (via friend requests.) A Dad has his own personal area where they can manage, message and send invites to other NetDads members. It is a great way of finding new friends with other like-minded Dads.

Activity Feed

Dads can share their status about what they are currently up to, whether it’s taking the kids out for the day, helping them with home work or sharing a funny drawing. A Dad can share his own pictures or videos for other Dads to comment on.


Dads can go here to socialise, look for advice or give some feedback. Groups currently range from ‘New Dads’, ‘Movies’, ‘Days Out’ ‘Football’, ‘Questions’ and many more. Groups are being added all the time by Dads, and can be created by any member. It’s up the Dads to create whatever they want. NetDads is managed by the Dads.


Our forum is a place to socialise even further by creating more ‘to-the-point’ custom topics. This can be a question about becoming a father for the first time, asking for advice, or a bit of football banter. Dads can subscribe to the topics that they are interested in and receive notifications when somebody has replied.

Private Groups & Messages

Private groups can also be created. For example, there might be a group of Dads that enjoy getting together at the weekend, at soft-play, or in a certain area that already know each other. A private group can be created to arrange times and locations to meet. There is a private message area if Dads want to send another Dad a quick message, maybe a bit of private advice that they don’t want to be seen publically.

NetDads is a growing community of like-minded Dads and this growth makes it a very exciting time for us. If you are a Dad or soon to become a Dad, why not join us and get involved, it would be great to get your contributions to the network.